Kara Camp & Debbie Pitts
Kara Camp & Debbie Pitts
Welcome to a new Medical Alliance Year!

We sincerely hope3 you have had a good summer since we were lasdt in touch.

This year we will have something never before done in our local organization.  Co-presidents!  Yes, the two of us are thrilled to be leading you throughout the year and representing the SCMSA both in our local community and at state TMA Alliance events.  While this is a new concept for Smith County, other Texas Alliances have had great success with two members partnering for the year.  This gives us a chance to share responsibilities and knowledge.  This won't happen every year, but it is nice to know that when extra support is needed, having two dedicated presidents works!

We have a fantastic lineup of programs, including a kickoff coffee at Shine- Cafe and Art and in November, the Hospice of East Texas Fortieth Anniversary Celebration.  We are looking forward to continuing a number of projects that began under Joi's excellent leadership.

Coming again in October, SCMSA will present our very successful Heels for Healing Luncheon and Fundraiser.  Tickets will be available for purchase for both Alliance members and non-members.  It includes a style show, a chance to visit with old friends and make new ones, and is a great opportunity to show support of our projects.  Mark you calendars and grab your friends for this "don't miss" event!

We just kicked off our newest endeavor this last spring with the BookShare/Book Vending Machine Project.  Through this, many underserved children will develop a love for reading and a greater understanding of health, nutrition and safety.  After a visit to the pediatricians at St. Paul Children's Clinic, kids can't wait to get their book token and make their selection.  After all, who doesn't love a vending machine?!

Additional projects with great success and involvement that will continue this year are Youth Leadership Council and Junior Health Ambassadors, both involving children of physicians.  And once again we will distribute free bike helmets through the Hard Hats for Little Heads project by collaborating with the Salvation Army Angel Tree program.

The Smith County Medical Alliance had an 88 year tradition of hard work, innovative ideas and medical family support.  Our challenge to each of you is to find at least one program you will attend and at least one project for which you will volunteer at least one hour of your time.

Thank you for your continued membership and let's have a great year!
Your Co-Presidents,

Kara & Debbie

Past Presidents Luncheon Spring 2021

2022-2023 SCMSA BOARD

Presidents - Kara Camp & Debbie Pitts
President Elect  - Catherine Harrison
1st VP of Membership - Kathryn Droder
2 VP of Programs - Jean Harris
3 VP of Community Health - Lisa Gross
4 VP of Communications - Renee Wright
Secretary - Amy Pemberton
Treasurer - Mary Harris
Assistant Treasurer - Jeanne Fanning
Parliamentarian - Agnes Ward
Advisors - Joi Smith & Donna Freeman