Greetings from your SCMSA President: 
Welcome to another year of the Medical Alliance!  It is an honor to serve as president of such an exceptional organization.  SCMSA offers many ways to become involved and make a positive impact in the lives of others. 
This year’s theme is “Serving our Community Together”.  In addition to working together at the Book Fair Building preparing for our two books sales next year, we will be volunteering at various medical related charities in our community.  I hope you will join me - it’s always more fun to volunteer with friends!
As we begin a new year, let’s remember our purpose and mission – to strengthen, support and serve medical families and to nurture and encourage a healthy community.
Come get involved – in a big way or a small way.  No amount of time given is too small.  Come enjoy our fun meetings!  We will learn the latest in skin care, watch a cooking demonstration, and even dance to a country and western band!  The Alliance strives to acquire members of all ages and interests, with a focus on sustainability for the future.  It will be a fun year as we serve our community together!
I hope you will come serve with us!
Kelly Michaels



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