Greetings from your SCMSA President
Hello, everyone! I am very excited to serve as your president this year because of the amazing women, and a few good men, that make up the Alliance. This special group of people do wonderful things in our community through the projects and programs that bring joy, laughter, and comfort to those in need. Together we strengthen, support, and serve our medical families, and we look forward to nurturing and encouraging a healthy community in Smith County.
As you look through your new directory you are going to find some new events to get excited about, and some old events with a new twist. After you have won those fabulous Christian Louboutin pumps from our new fundraiser “Heels for Healing”, make sure you wear them to our annual Guest Day, featuring holiday cocktails! Our fabulous Halloween Book Fair will be a spooktacular event featuring scary volunteers and lots of spooky books.  Finally, it never gets old giving a new bike helmet to a child and watching his or her face light up, all the while knowing you are helping them to be safe!
When times turn hard this year, I know our members will reach out with a meal, card, lots of prayer, and a smile to help our medical families know they are loved.  I am glad to share this year with you and look forward to seeing how you will be a blessing to each other and to our community, because we are always better together!
Love, Joy, and much Laughter,
Joi Smith
SCMSA President
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