We would love to have you join us as an Active member: Dues include both local and state dues with the option of paying national dues. Please make sure to keep your contact information up to date.  You will receive a handbook annually with the calendar of events and members contact information so you can join in all the fun.

Active Members are spouses of active or retired physicians who are or were eligible to be members of the Smith County Medical Society (SCMSA). Widows/widower, of physicians who have not remarried outside of the profession.  Spouses of interns and residents who are eligible for SCMS membership.  Spouses of retired or deceased physicians who were members, or eligible to be members of a medical association in another county or state. : Physicians who are eligible to be members of the SCMS. Any active member described in the above categories who resides in an unorganized county shall be eligible for membership.

The fiscal year shall be January 1-December 31 for dues.


Membership renewal is done through the state link. You will be notified annually from the Texas Medical Association Alliance regarding your renewal.  We encourage you to use the auto-renewal option.  Please be sure to keep your contact information up to date.


Alliance chapters around the state impact their communities by participating in TMA’s ready-made outreach programs or creating one of their own signature public health programs. The TMA programs, listed below, are funded through generous support from the TMA Foundation (TMAF) and its donors.

In addition, the TMA Foundation awards funding to county medical societies and alliance or medical student chapters for other community health improvement programs through its Medical Community Grant Program. Alliance chapters can apply for up to $7,500 in matching funds to support initiatives focused on any of TMA’s public health and science priorities.

For more information about TMAA Community Outreach:

  • Vaccines Defend What Matters 
  • Hard Hate for Little Heads
  • Texas Bookshare
  • Walk With a Doc Texas


Please refer to the TMASS Dues at Work flyer for information on all the great work the State of Texas is doing for medicine and our Alliance.


The TMA Alliance invites you to join your friends from around the state for ALLMED 2024 in Dallas May 2-4. ALLMED is a fantastic opportunity to learn more about the alliance, get reinvigorated about the organization, hear new ideas, and renew friendships and make new ones. In addition, you’ll get to hear dynamic and engaging speakers, participate in the Annual Business Meeting, congratulate winners in our annual awards competition, and have fun.

ALLMED May 2nd-4th in Dallas – Learn More Here

For more information on all TMAA Events please click the more info button below.


How do I become a member?

Click on the link below to the TMAA website to join the Smith County Medical Society Alliance

For further assistance, contact the current SCMSA Membership VP.

What are the requirements for membership?

Pay annual local and state dues, be the spouse of a physician, retired physician or widow/widower of a physician SCMS eligible physicians are also eligible to be SCMS Alliance members regardless of marital status.

Why should I become a member?

As a group of physician spouses and physicians, we strive to strengthen, support and serve medical families and to nurture and encourage a healthy community.

We are unique as an organization that understands the challenges of being a physician’s spouse and are committed to supporting medical families as well as our community.  We value family, the health of our community and shared experiences that build lasting relationships.  With over 130 members and 90 years of service in Smith County we have a legacy of excellence and making a lasting impact.

Do I have to live in Smith County to be a member?

No, if your county does not have an organized Medical Alliance you are eligible to join.

Can I donate to SCMSA in honor of someone?


How long has SCMSA been active in the community?

Since October 25th 1934

What are the membership dues?

Annual Dues are $90 for active members, $55 for retired members and $50 for widowed members

Is this just for women?


What impact has SCMSA had in the community?

Over $1.5 million dollars has been raised through the many years for medical school and allied health scholarships. These are given to local students at TJC and UT Tyler, as well as a newly established scholarship to be given at the UTT School of Medicine. SCMSA has provided thousands of free books for patients at a  pediatric clinic for underserved to promote literacy, thousands of free bike helmets for children, a multitude of shots and immunizations through health fairs, and a variety of opportunities for children and families of members to participate in community volunteer projects. These are only a portion of the many ways SCMSA has impacted Tyler and East Texas over the past 90 years.

What organizations is SCMSA affiliated with?

Smith County Medical Society
Texas Medical Association
Texas Medical Association Foundation

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